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Peebles Tartan Kilt Sock Flashes

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Peebles Tartan Kilt Sock Flashes

Our stylish Peebles Tartan Kilt Sock Flashes are the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. Crafted from 100% wool Peebles Tartan fabric these flashes with adjustable elasticated garter are sure to keep your kilt socks in the right place all day!

Does not include kilts socks.

  • Pure New Wool
  • Adjustable elastic garter
  • Approx size - 14.5cm x 7.5cm
  • Exclusive to Caledonia Lifestyle
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The Peebles Tartan was designed by the town's Callants Club to celebrate the centenary of the Royal Burgh of Peebles Beltane Festival which is celebrated each year in June.The tartan was subsequently gifted to the people of Peebles. A poem sheds light on why specific colours were chosen for the town's tartan - remembering those who gave their lives to protect their town.


Let this tartan then be memorial, its colours forever proclaim,

The Callants of this Royal Burgh will ever remember their slain,

The red for the blood which was precious, the blue for the flag of our land,

The green for their blanket eternal, their white cross forever will stand.

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