Tulloch Designs – now in store

Tulloch Designs produce hats, bags, jackets and headpieces,using tartan, tweed and velvet. Based in Elgin, each piece is hand made and totally unique – no two pieces are exactly the same.
Caledonia Lifestyle in Peebles are happy to be stocking several of their items in our store.

tulloch design fascinators | Caledonia LifestyleTulloch Design Fascinators

Each headpiece is carefully crafted by hand and is totally unique – so there’s no chance of turning up at an event and seeing someone else wearing the same thing!!!

Pictish style bags

tulloch bag | Caledonia Lifestyle tulloch bag2 | Caledonia Lifestyle

These Pictish style messenger bags are made from wool tartan with real leather shoulder straps and horn button fastenings.